Self Leveling Compounds Specifically Designed For Interior Wood Floor Leveling

Could you use an interior wood floor leveling compound that you can install tile or stone flooring in just 6 hours.  Self leveling compounds that are designed specifically for interior wood subfloors. 

A Portland cement-based, polymer-modified, self-leveling underlayment that replaces traditional backer board, providing a flatter, smoother surface faster and easier for installing tile and stone.

ARDEX Liquid BackerBoard can be used over interior wood or concrete subfloors.

It eliminates cutting, fitting, gluing, taping, fastening and the many other steps required with bulky, hard to transport traditional backer board. The optimal tiling surface!

Does not require handling or extra labor to install wire mesh nor does it require additives.

A pourable, Portland cement-based material used to install ceramic tile on wood substrates.

A floor leveling compound that replaces backerboard for a...

  • faster
  • easier
  • seamless installation over interior wooden sub floors

eliminating the need to...

  • transport the heavy backer boards to the project
  • cut and fit a dusty concrete backer board
  • mix and apply the appropriate amount of mortar and fasten with costly screws designed for use in cement products

A floor levelling compound that...

  • does not need metal lath mesh
  • can be used to smooth and level wood subfloors
  • you can use to encapsulate electric floor heating systems

All sub floors must be clean and completely free of all contaminates,


  • dust, oil and grease
  • wax or sealers
  • paint, varnish, etc.

You will not use any chemicals to clean the floor, prepare the wooden sub floor by sanding.

A self leveling compound that replaces backerboard for a...

  • faster
  • easier
  • seamless installation over interior wooden sub floors

ARDEX Liquid BackerBoard Approved to Receive Wood and Laminate Floor Coverings

We are pleased that Ardex has announce that ARDEX Liquid BackerBoard now is approved to receive...

  • glue down
  • engineered wood plank
  • laminate floor coverings

Previously, ARDEX Liquid BackerBoard was approved only to receive tile and stone floor coverings.

Please note that for the...

  • installation of wood flooring
  • laminate flooring
  • moisture sensitive stone

as well as for all installations of ARDEX Liquid BackerBoard that exceed ½” in thickness, Ardex recommend that dryness be confirmed via mat testing prior to the flooring being installed.

Mat testing should commence in conformance with ASTM D4263 once the ARDEX Liquid BackerBoard has been installed and allowed to cure for a minimum of 48 hours.

For installations of moisture insensitive tile and stone over ARDEX Liquid BackerBoard installations that are ½” thick or less, the recommended dry time for the ARDEX Liquid BackerBoard remains six hours (70°F / 21°C).

Ardex Liquid Backer board page...

acufloorz Liquid BackerBoard® Self-Leveling Underlayment - Demonstration.
ARDEX Liquid BackerBoard® Self-Leveling Underlayment - Demonstration

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