Recreational Gym Floors For Safe Play

Play Safety Gym Floors With Comfort Backing.

Cushioned Vinyl Floor uses...

Classrooms and Halls

Multipurpose and Recreation Rooms

Daycare and Fitness Centers  

Gymnasium Flooring

This 10,000 Square Foot Gym Floor, was installed in a Presbyterian Church Gymnasium in Jefferson City, TN. 

The 13,000 square foot installation above was inspected and excepted by the Architect for the owners and did not have a single item to fix.

The General Contractors response.

Where were you when we installed the Hospital Flooring, the installation crew had to fix something on every floor. 

This Sports Floor is often used by the church as a multipurpose room. 

The installation features...

  • Wood grained and Heat Welded Gym Floor with Epoxy painted basketball court lines and volleyball lines
  • Heat Welded Cantilevered Running Track
  • Colored material used for Stage and out of bounds areas 
  • Recycled rubber floors installed in the upper fitness room

 A wood grained Cushioned vinyl floor can be used to create all types of Indoor Sports Floors and is used as a Multi-purpose floor after installation.

It very Versatile and is uses include...

  • Banquets and Festivals
  • Food Service events that include tables and chairs
  • Temporary learning areas that include tables and chairs

A sport floor created with Gymnasium Flooring has too many applications to list here, just let your imagination go wild.

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Cushioned Backed Gymnasium Flooring

Children can play safely on this Comfort Backed, No Wax,  Multipurpose Sports floor. 

  • Wood designs are available in 86' 6" rolls. Designed for standard gymnasium flooring
  • Thick Vinyl wearlayer minimizes indentations from temporary furniture, like tables and chairs
  • An ideal solution for multipurpose use, rec rooms, recess rooms, and flexible spaces like cafeterias and gymnasiums

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Home Gym Floor

Create your personnel Home gym with...

  • Versatile and Durable
  • no slip, no skid and no burn
  • wood grained and cushioned

 Home Gym Flooring 

Add Basketball Court Paint, hand painted Epoxy Basketball Court Lines and or Volleyball Lines 


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Create Gym Floors With Tarkett Training 

Create a Golden Maple or Beach Wood Grained Sport floor with Tarkett Training.

Durable Vinyl floor for Gymnasiums, Health Clubs or Exercise Rooms

Using Epoxy paint for basketball court lines and volleyball lines to create Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton or Racquetball courts

Create high Performance Exercise, Gymnastic, or Table Tennis Rooms

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I'm Paul Spurlock. I have been in the floor installation industry since 1975. My company has always supplied Commercial Floor Installations and or floor covering materials on a contract basis, therefore you will not find a shopping cart system available. The flooring materials are supplied from the manufactures and therefore need to be purchased through a factory sales representative. Each material quote is processed by the rep and I process the flooring and installation quotes the old fashion way, by hand. By providing quotes by hand you will get the exactly amount of product based on the measurements you provide for your project, from a professional factory certified flooring installer. To purchase Gymnasium Flooring and or Gymnasium Flooring installation, from a factory certified sports flooring installer, please use the contact page supplied below for a personal quote. Payment options include Invoice or contract, payable by... Credit Card Certified Check Direct Deposit Cash

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