How To Choose Hardwood Floors
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How to choose Hardwood floors? 

Area, Grade, Wood Types, Grain Pattern, and Prefinished or site-finished

Learn how to choose Hardwood Floors from this guide. Information every potential buyer of real Hardwood Flooring needs to know

Buying the correct hardwood floor will have everything to do with where the wood flooring will be installed.

  • What areas of the home can I install Hardwood floors?
  • What grade level can I install Hardwood Floors on ?
  • Select Solid Prefinished Hardwood Floors or Unfinished Hardwood Floors
  • What Plank width can I use

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What Areas Of The Home Are Except Able  for 
The Installation of Hardwood Floors

Hardwood Flooring is manufactured in thick planks called a solid Hardwood Floor.  Many companies also offer Engineered Hardwood Flooring made with a thinner top layer of sawn hardwood. 

Basements and buildings that have concrete subfloors. An engineered Hardwood Floor should be the floor of choice.

Solid Hardwood flooring that needs to be installed in basements or below grade is generally installed over one or two layers of plywood, or a floating floor system, which will significantly raise the height of a floor, interfering with existing doors or cause a reducing ceiling height.

I have successfully installed a thinner 5/8'' thick Solid Hardwood Floor on concrete with a wood floor adhesive, but it must be installed only above or on grade. 

Engineered Hardwood Flooring can be fastened directly to concrete in basement or below grade areas with adhesive, and can be installed over a dedicated impact and noise insulation mat.

Engineered Hardwood Flooring is also suitable for installation over most  radiant heat systems.

If sanding and refinishing is a property you want in a Hardwood Floor, you should choose Engineered Hardwood Floors Carefully.

Some have top layers so thin that they can only be be abraded and re-coated.

An Engineered Hardwood floor with a thin .6 mm wear layer can only be abraded and recoated and cannot be sanded and refinished once worn.

High quality Engineered Hardwood Floor products usually feature a thicker wear layer. Sometimes you’ll get as much usable wood for refinishing as you would out of a solid board.

With solid hardwood, you can only use the part above the tongue and groove for sanding and refinishing.

A Somerset Hardwood Floor gives you 2 options to get the look you want anywhere in your home or building.

Somerset Prefinished Solid Hardwood floor up to 5'' widths or SolidPlus A Prefinished Engineered Hardwood floor with a 3 mm/3/32'' wear layer, 8 plies and wide plank Flooring widths up to 7''

How To Choose Hardwood Floors, Your Guide To
What Grade level Can Hardwood Floors be installed

Engineered Hardwood Flooring can be installed on, above, or below grade on concrete or wood subfloors.

Solid Hardwood Floors can be installed above or on grade. Not below grade.

Most 3/4″ solid hardwood floors are meant to be a nail/staple down installation.

It is not because the adhesives have a bond issue to solid hardwood.

It is the natural tendencies of the Solid Hardwood Floor to curl, bow, and twist.

Hardwood Flooring is a natural product and will move (expanding and contracting) with varying moisture and humidity levels, and Solid Hardwood flooring will move more than engineered wood flooring because it is not stabilized.

Somerset Hardwood floors are stabilized by up to 8 plies of Engineered cross-grained support layers witch will provide more dimensional stability.

Due to this movement, solid wood should not be installed in basements since they are below-grade and highly prone to moisture and relative humidity issues. If someone wants a 1/2″ hardwood product, you have several 1/2″ Engineered Hardwood products that can go below grade.

How To Choose Hardwood Floors, Your Guide To
Prefinished Hardwood Floors or an Unfinished Hardwood floor

Somerset Prefinished Hardwood flooring has a factory applied, baked, surface finish, Ultimate™ Finish (UV-Cured Aluminum Oxide/Urethane).

With a Residential 50-Year Wear Layer Limited Warranty; Lifetime Structural Integrity Limited Warranty.

Try getting that warranty from a re-finisher, you'll get 1 year.

The Factory finish is Far superior to any finish applied by the very best re-finisher.

  • Ultimate™ 
  • Urethane Finish—UV Cured Aluminum Oxide 
  • Abrasion Resistant Finish

All applied in the manufacturers ultimate environment.

No how to choose Hardwood floors guide would not complete without including Unfinished Hardwood Floors.

Unfinished Hardwood flooring is a raw hardwood floor that must be

  • installed
  • sanded 
  • finished on site

Some property owners and builder have a strong opinion that there is no comparison between prefinished and unfinished hardwood flooring that's sanded and finished on site by an expert craft-person.

There is nothing that compares to the natural look of a hardwood floor with no bevels, like in an NBA stadium, that has been sanded, filled, and coated by a real craft person.

No how to choose Hardwood floors guide would be complete without including Unfinished Hardwood Floors.

Unfinished Hardwood flooring is a raw hardwood floor that must be,,,

  • installed
  • sanded 
  • finished on site

Some property owners and builders have a strong opinion that there is no comparison between prefinished and unfinished hardwood flooring that's been filled, sanded, finished, and has no bevels.

Hardwood that's finished on site by an expert Hardwood Flooring Installer has color and coating options not available to manufactures of Prefinished Hardwood Floors.

How To Choose Hardwood Floors With Wide Planks

Somerset Hardwood Flooring Manufactures an Ultra-wide Plank Flooring in...

  • Oak
  • Maple
  • Hickory

The Wide plank Hardwood Floor is constructed with a 3 mm thick solid sawn face.

Somerset's Wide Plank Hardwood Flooring gives the same appearance as solid flooring.

The 1/2'' thick, 8-ply cross-grained construction add greater dimensional stability.

The Wide Plank wood flooring is packaged with random lengths up to 6-1/2''

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How To Choose Hardwood Floor types

How To Choose Hardwood Floors PDF 
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Acufloorz does not currently install unfinished hardwood floors, but our first floor installations after moving to Knoxville was the installation and finishing of Unfinished Hardwood Flooring.

We do offer installation of Somerset Prefinished Hardwood Flooring in Tennessee. Kentucky, South Carolina, North Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, West Virginia and Georgia and world wide sales of Somerset Hardwood Flooring.

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