Dedicated Flooring Contractors who Install Ceramic Tile

Flooring Contractors who install ceramic tile Need To Be Reliable, Seasoned And Dedicated Professional Craftsman Who Possess age-old skills

That way you can be assured of a beautiful and correct ceramic floor tile installation that won’t leave you with imperfections that you’ll be glaring at or tripping over for years to come.

Acufloorz has learned how to install ceramic tile floors the hard way. On the floor, tile by tile.

On projects like the Tazewell middle school and the Harragot middle school in Eastern Tennessee.

Both of these projects were built at the same time on the same blueprint and installed simultaneous as managed construction projects by Knoxville's Construction plus Inc...

Ceramic tile patterns had to be cut and inserted in the Mosaic tiles. (should have been ordered with the exact pattern) and then installed in the back to back, his and her gang bathrooms.

large format ceramic tile was installed in the entry.

A custom manufactured steel rack was used to install 6" X 6' Ceramic tile pavers in the kitchen and food serving area over an on site mixed 2 in. thick mortar bed used to accommodate the floor drains.

Need To install a vertical premixed mortar bed Before You Install Ceramic Tile?
Designed Especially For
Swimming pools, Shower Walls Etc.

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UT's Aquatic Center in Knoxville...

The walls of the pool were off as much as 2 in.

We established the exact measurements using a laser, built forms on the walls, installed a vertical premixed mortar bed. So we could install ceramic tile to the exact dimensions required for swim competitions.

On the swimming pool deck...

  • Orange ceramic tile patterns were installed in the Mosaic tiles installed on the decks surrounding the pools
  • mosaic tiles were installed on the pool walls and pool bottom to define the competition swim lanes

The aquatic center was designed to be the premier aquatic center in the region

Do You Need A Ceramic Floor Tile Installation On Your Commercial Project?
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We have provided ceramic floor tile installation on commercial projects like Spring Hill Suites By Marriott , located in Turkey Hills in Knoxville, TN...

Porcelain tile flooring was installed on the  swimming pool deck, and custom ceramic tile patterns were created on the pool walls with a ceramic tile border.

Porcelain tile was installed in the public bathrooms floors and walls as well as the bathrooms in the individual suites

Polished porcelain tile flooring was installed in the main check in lobby on the floors and as base on the floors of the surrounding corridors.

Marble and polished ceramic tile contractors need To Be reliable, seasoned and dedicated professional craftsman because the tile is polished and reflects any back grown images.

If any tiles have any out of level scenario, the reflected back grown images will have a distortion. On polished tile and marble, reflection does show and the tile needs extra attention from any professional tile installer.

These commercial ceramic tile installations are by a dedicated flooring contractor who installs ceramic tile projects that are used in everyday life. You can be assured Acufloorz will provide a beautiful and correct ceramic floor tile installation.

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