Create Sustainable Commercial Environments With All Natural Linoleum Flooring

Linoleum Flooring Last Many Decades And

Has The Lowest Life Cycle Cost Of Any Flooring Material

High I'm Paul Spurlock, welcome to

As I grew up I was exposed to linoleum floors, they were sold by the lineal foot in hardware stores etc.

It was manufactured very thin and was usually loose laid mainly in kitchen areas by the home owner.

Boy has that changed.

Over the past decades (since 1975) AcuFloorz, a full service flooring installation contractor has installed some of the worlds most beautiful commercial flooring projects, installing linoleum flooring in...

  • corporate environments
  • health care environments
  • judicial environments
  • educational environments
  • retail environments
  • manufacturing environments

Frederick Walton discovered and patented Linoleum's manufacturing process in 1863. It's remarkable that a product, discovered in the days of gas lights and horse-drawn carriages, is still used in flooring applications for which it was originally designed, such as...

  • hospital flooring and health care environments
  • school flooring and all types of educational facilities

Linoleum flooring has been installed as the dining hall flooring for the world famous Alcatraz Federal prison in San Francisco Bay...

  • it's installed in the White House in Washington, DC
  • Buckingham Palace in London has linoleum for flooring
  • the Kremlin in Moscow has  Linoleum floors

Over 90 % of all linoleum flooring sold in the US is used for commercial flooring.

When you consider what linoleum has to offer, the new status among designers and architects are no surprise.

First, linoleum is a totally sustainable product. Made from 95 percent natural resources...

  • limestone, a very abundant material
  • wood and flax-seed
  • linseed oil

Linoleum flooring is naturally...

  • bacteriostatic
  • biodegradable
  • fire retardant

Linoleum has great design and real lifetime economic return.

It's available with a full line of rich colors, patterns and with Aquajet cutting you can even create corporate logos or custom designs.

Flooring design can easily be cut and installed on location.

Linoleum's durability hasn't changed over time.

In many applications linoleum will last for decades.

Welding rods can also be used for extra sealing or to create a stylish finishing effect, the lowest life-cycle cost of any flooring.

You can use linoleum to create people-friendly spaces  with no need for polish or wax, forever, reducing the strain on cleaning staff and minimizing the need for...

  • water
  • detergent
  • energy for cleaning and maintenance

Linoleum finish requires no initial wax or finish and saves end users up to 30% on maintenance and...

  • 50% on water
  • 50% on detergents
  • 50% on energy

over the floors lifetime.

The use of floor finish and stripper to maintain Johnsonite xf2 Linoleum sheet flooring is optional and is not required.

While attending a class at the Forbo Master Mechanic training program in San Francisco in 2000 the following information was shared from a middle school in northern California.

They were building a new middle school and intended to use the same floor they had in the existing school.

The original floors were linoleum, installed over 50 years ago and still in service.

That's 35 years past the 15 year life-cycle of VCT. There minimal maintenance program for the linoleum flooring...

  • sweep the floor with a dust mop
  • dry buff the floor with a low speed floor buffer
  • in the event the buffer would not remove something, a solution of plain water was spritzed from a spray bottle on the spot and re-buffed

This alone will save you Thousands of $$ over the extended life-cycle of this floor system.

The linoleum material will change shades over time, the result of the material being exposed to UV rays from the sun, lights, etc.

Linoleum is a very durable and hard wearing flooring material.

A Master Mechanic Installing Linoleum Flooring

Tarkett Linoleum Flooring Is Made Up Of Five Unique  Linoleum Patterns: collections : Etrusco, Veneto, Veneto Acoustiflor, Lenza and Tonali

Etrusco linoleum patterns a collection of five solid tones

Veneto linoleum patterns produce a marbleized design

Lenza linoleum, a coordinating tone-on-tone inspired by unique textures found in nature

Veneto Acoustiflor With a 1.3mm foam under layer that reduces noise

Tonali  linoleum patterns produces a marbleized look

Linoleum xf2 Veneto Acoustic Flooring From The Tarkett Collection

Linoleum xf2 Acoustic Flooring is available in 6 select patterns and helps absorb noise and cushions the impact on joints and backs.

Coming soon!

You Can Learn How To Install Linoleum
Install Linoleum Floor, Install Linoleum Flooring Tiles

You, installing linoleum flooring? Installing Linoleum is a very lucrative installation service, demanding up to $15.00 per square foot in certain regions of the US. You can learn right here. A linoleum installation PDF will be available for download soon

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  • Narnidur, Sicuro xf2 R10
  • Veneto Acoustiflor xf2
  • Silencio xf2
  • Style Elle xf2
  • Style Emme xf2
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