Rubber Flooring
Indoor Sports Floors Molded From Recycled Rubber Tires

Tarkett manufactures there Rubber Flooring under the trademark name Replay from recycled rubber truck tires.

Rubber Flooring manufactured From recycled rubber truck tires, this has to be the most durable flooring product on the market.

This multi-functional and sport floor product is manufactured by Tarkett.

The Replay system includes a wide range of multi-functional and sports rubber flooring.

  • Rolled rubber flooring designed for a more permanent installations
  • Square Rubber Tiles designed for a more permanent installations
  • Interlocking Rubber Flooring designed to be loose laid

It's Rubber flooring manufactured in The Good Old USA

Replay, designed to stand up to the most demanding indoor sports floors and sports activities.

It offers impact resistance to absorb shock and lessen the severity of injuries.

Replay rolled rubber flooring Standard rolls are 48" wide

  • 1/4" gauge are 75' long
  • 3/8" gauge 50' long
  • 1/2" gauge are special order only

3/8" and 1/2 " gauge is resistant to...

  • golf spikes
  • ice skate blades
  • barbells
  • baseball cleat and more

Less than 8 mm gauge (3/8 gauge) not recommended for skate blade, spikes or free weights.

Replay  Rubber Flooring is Floor Score certified and it is developed under the practice of balanced choice, meeting sustainability objectives through better...

  • raw materials
  • resource stewardship

developing people friendly spaces and recycling/reusing.

Replay's unique composition does not contain...

  • phthalates
  • halogens
  • chlorine

Replay Rubber products are installed in many types of applications, some are provided below... 

Johnsonite/Tarkett Recycled Rubber Flooring, Rolled Rubber flooring, Square Rubber Tiles, And Interlocking Rubber Flooring

Replay Rolled Rubber Flooring From Johnsonite

Replay standard rolled rubber flooring is manufactured in 48" wide rolls.

  • The 1/4" gauge is manufactured in 75' lengths.
  • The 3/8"" gauge is manufactured in 50' lengths.
  • 1/2" gauge is manufactured by special order only.

It's available in black or 12 standard colorways.

You can build your own design using One or more of the optional 20 custom colorways.

Replay Square Rubber Tiles From Johnsonite

Replay square rubber tiles are manufactured in 3/8 gauge 24"X24"

It's available in black or you can build your own design using the standard colorways.

Replay Interlocking Rubber Tile From Johnsonite
For Loose-Lay Applications

  • Replay interlocking tiles are 3/8 gauge 24"X24"
  • The interlocking rubber flooring is available in 1/2 " gauge by special order.
  • Replay interlocking edging is 3/8 gauge It's available in black, the standard colorways are special order.

Visit Johnsonites Replay Sports & Multi-Function Rubber Flooring web page

Replay Is Available in 12 Standard Colorways

Standard Colorways made with color chips shown in Table 2

Custom Colors :  How To Make Custom Colorways In Your Own Color Combinations

  1. Choose one or more colors from Table 2. 
  2. Pick the gauge: 1/4", 8 mm (5/16"), 3/8" or 1/2
  3. Specify the format: glue-down tile; interlocking tile or roll
  4. Contact or call Cell# 865-824-8100) for minimums and pricing

Less than 8 mm gauge (3/8 gauge) not recommended for skate blade, spikes or free weights.

Replay custom colors table 2

Custom colorways made with Black and custom color chips shown in Table 2

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